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Improved search function

It is now easier than ever to find the movie of your choice with our improved search function.

After performing a search (from the search field in the menu bar), click “Show filter options” on the search results page, and you will be presented with a bunch of new options.

The new filtering options include genre, availability, subtitle language, quality and much more. In the mood for a night of eighties movies? Then move the year sliders and your list of results will instantly update. You can also start from scratch with an empty search, and then use the filters to narrow your movie selection down. To make an empty search, just click the search field in the menu bar and hit ‘Enter’ on your keyboard.

Symbian and Nokia-users: we’ve got an app for you!

We’ve just added a new player to our existing mobile line-up: a movie app for Nokia’s Symbian-phones!

>> Download it from your Symbian-phone or find it online in Ovi Store.

>> Looking for our iPhone, iPad or Android-apps? Here they are.

(Our apps are available for download in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, the four markets we currently serve.)

Our Nokia Symbian-app, our most powerful app yet.
The app is our most powerful yet. Thanks to the DRM- and copy protection systems used on Nokia-devices – systems approved by the leading film studios – we can now offer the latest blockbuster rentals directly in your phone, on top of all the ad-funded titles Voddler also offers.

At launch, the app has about 250 movies activated for mobile viewing.New titles will be added on a running basis from Voddler’s growing catalog of over 4,500 titles.

Among the movies that you can see at launch are new releases like Hall Pass, No Strings Attached, Red Riding Hood, Due Date and The Town, modern classics like the Harry Potter-series or the Matrix-series, or family titles like Chicken Little and Dinosaur.

The app is free and works on Symbian smart phones that have upgraded to Symbian Anna. Symbian Anna is a version upgrade to the Symbian platform, which comes with a new improved user interface, enhanced web browser, increased security and an upgrade of Nokia Maps.

The app then works on all compatible Symbian 3 devices, such as Nokia C7-00, Nokia X7-00, Nokia Oro, Nokia 701, Nokia 500, Nokia 700, Nokia N8-00, Nokia 600, Nokia C6-01, Nokia C7 Astound, and Nokia E7-00

Are you an Android, iPhone or iPad-user? Here are our apps for your platforms. >>

Who’s your favorite celebrity? Watch their movies on Voddler!

At the top of every page on Voddler is our search-box. Use it to search for titles – and also  your favorite actress/actor or your favorite director.

For example, you could search for: (click to see the movies that Voddler has with these actors):

Natalie Portman

Cam Gigandet

Julia Roberts

Ryan Gosling

Emma Watson

Johnny Depp

Jeff Bridges

Matt Damon

Claire Danes

Meryl Streep

Justin Timberlake

Reese Witherspoon

George Clooney

Owen Wilson

Robert de Niro

Katherine Heigl

Nicole Kidman

Naomi Watts

Or why not look for your favorite director/writer:

Which search should we add here? Let us know in the comment field!

(All pictures courtesy of Wikipedia.)